Cannabis Concentrates 101: Understanding Tinctures, Shatter, & More

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Cannabis concentrates are the golden nuggets and gateways to some of the best highs and medical benefits ever. What are the different options when it comes to cannabis concentrates in Canada? How do you use them? Where can you get them at a dispensary online in Canada? What are the benefits of using the different varieties of concentrates? How to best incorporate concentrates into your daily cannabis routine? In this article, we will dive into the world of cannabis concentrates and reveal ways to make them more approachable. 

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Canadian cannabis concentrates are everywhere in Canada. Getting them at your online dispensary now has never been easier. So what are cannabis concentrates? Simply put, concentrates of cannabis come from removing all the unnecessary parts of a plant while conserving the cannabinoids and terpenes. The result of this process is a much smaller, often gooey version of the original plant material. Concentrates contain a high amount of THC, which ranges from 50-90%, while the amount of THC in traditional flowers is between 10-30%. In the extraction of concentrates from cannabis plants, the main goal (besides changing the consistency) is to retain the potency, flavour, and aroma that make cannabis popular.

Cannabis Concentrate Varieties and How to use them.


The method of producing shatter involves concentrating cannabis into a hardened and translucent amber wax-like substance that is made by butane extraction. It is the purest form of cannabis extraction. The most amazing, long-lasting highs can come from the 80% pure potency of cannabinoid material. The most popular way to use shatter is by dabbing from a rig, but it can also be used in various other ways, including vaporizers, in a pipe much like smoking flower, in a bong on top of your favourite flower, dab pens, or e-nails. 


In addition to being known as “terp sauce”, cannabis sauce is a sticky, syrup-like cannabis concentrate that maintains the terpene profile of the cannabis plant better than any other extract. The sauce is made by first picking the best fresh buds to make a live resin and through flash freezing and either BHO or propane extraction, the terpenes and cannabinoids form into the sauce over a course of a few weeks. The best way to enjoy this nectar of the gods is by using equipment for cannabis that has temperature control capabilities. The terpenes vaporize at different temperatures and can burn off quickly if it’s too hot. The sauce can be smoked just like any other concentrate, but it is best to taste those terpenes. 


Kief is a powdery resin that gathers from the trichomes of cannabis. A trichome is a crystal-like hair attached to the buds, and it contains most of the plant’s medicinally beneficial components. Kief can be a very potent concentrate, with levels as high as 80% THC. Flower in comparison have THC levels around 12-30%. Enjoying kief on its own is a great way to taste the flavour profiles that the particular strains that you are enjoying are coming through. Other interesting ways to enjoy kief are to add it to your coffee or tea. The kief releases the cannabinoids at these temperatures and produces an amazing high.


Steam alcohol extraction separates the plant’s beneficial cannabinoids from the plant’s water and concentrates them into a strong, herbal-smelling liquid called a tincture. It is common to put a few drops of tinctures under your tongue or in your mouth to consume them. Green dragon is another name for tinctures created through the use of high-grade ethanol. The difference when consuming this form of concentrate is that the onset of effects takes a little longer as it has to pass through your gastrointestinal tract first and may take up to an hour to feel the beginnings of the high. 


Thousands of years ago, the earliest method of extracting hash was simply by rubbing the buds together until the resin forms a ball. Today, producers use mechanized sieves or a pressurized process involving ice and freezing. The traditional method of making hash is by packing plant resin into bars and chunks that sometimes even have a logo and contain a THC content of 40-60% THC. A great way to try hash other than the methods mentioned above is by incorporating it into joints. It makes any flower joint better and tasty.


Originally named by Canadian cannabis activist Rick Simpson, Phoenix Tears is an oil extract made from cannabis. The oil goes by different names, including Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil (FECO). The basic process is pretty simple and involves chopping up buds with a solvent like pure alcohol, filtering out the plant materials as you already have the oils in the solvent, and then slowly evaporating off the solvent, so the end product is pure oil or tears. The only problem with making it at home is that you will never know the true strength or potency of the product. To make it easier, go to the online dispensary of Naked Cannabis, where you can read and see the actual contents of the different cannabis tears.


Rosin is a solvent-less cannabis concentrate. Low heat and pressure are the preferred methods of extraction. Flower, kief, and hash can all be base products in order to make a final product of rosin. What is unique about taking rosin for the incredible highs is that you can put rosin into your favourite drinks, foods, or take directly by mouth. Some connoisseurs swear by using flowers that are fresh and live. The terpene profiles shine the most when the buds are freshest.  

Benefits of Using Concentrates

With the legalization of marijuana in Canada in full swing, researchers are now finding more funding than ever to look into the amazing benefits of cannabis and cannabis concentrates. It is current thought that cannabis shows as a “promising tonic, analgesic, antipyretic, antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, anti-cancer agent, which is effective for pain relief, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, nausea and vomiting, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disorders, and appetite stimulation.”

Where to get the Highest Quality Concentrates Online in Canada

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