A DIY Guide to Growing Hydroponic Weed

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There is something profoundly satisfying about growing our own produce. As a cannabis enthusiast, you have probably already experimented with growing your own pot, but have you dared to attempt hydroponics? 

Ready to take your weed-growing skills to the next level? Read on to learn how to grow your own weed at home using the method of hydroponics. Don’t worry; this will be a beginners’ DIY guide to growing hydroponic weed, and it will cover everything you need to know to get started today!

What Is Hydroponic Weed?

Hydroponic weed refers to the product collected from cannabis plants that have been planted in a nutrient solution as opposed to soil. There are different methods to grow hydroponic weed – from simple to complex – and there are different mediums that can be used as well, but what all hydroponic methods have in common are these three basic components: water, nutrients, and a growing medium.

Pros and Cons of Growing Hydroponic Weed

Whereas plants growing in the soil must search the soil for nutrients, which requires a lot of energy, in a hydroponic system, nutrients are suspended in water, which allows the nutrients to enter the root system directly. The energy that hydroponic plants save by not having to actively search for nutrients allows the hydroponic plant to grow more quickly and even provide a larger yield. 

On the other hand, soil holds nutrients much longer than water does, and in general traditional systems require fewer interventions by growers. 

The Wick System

Although this is not the most efficient hydroponic system, it is the simplest and cheapest system, which makes it ideal for beginners. This is all the equipment you will need for this basic hydroponic system:

  • Two containers
  • A medium for the plant to grow in (soil, coco coir, clay pebbles, rockwool, or perlite)
  • A nutrient solution
  • A wick

Once you have all the equipment required to set up this system, you will need to fill one container with the chosen medium and the other container with the nutrient solution. The container with the medium must be suspended above the container with the nutrient solution. The wick will connect both and will pull nutrient solution to the growing container through passive capillary action. In this hydroponic system, the use of a medium allows air to reach the roots, eliminating the need for a more costly air pump.

How to Take Care of Your Hydroponic Cannabis Plant

As mentioned before, a hydroponic plant can grow more quickly and offer greater yield than a traditionally grown plant, but it requires more upkeep. To keep your hydroponic weed happy and healthy, you will have to monitor the following aspects:

  • Maintain an acidic pH: Use a pH testing kit to monitor the pH of the nutrient solution on a regular basis and change the solution every week. Your hydroponic weed will need an acidic environment – a pH of 5.5–5.8 – in order to grow well, and even slightly higher during the flowering season. 
  • Provide the perfect temperature: The ideal temperature for hydroponic weed is approximately 20 °C. Perhaps the easiest way to maintain the nutrient solution at this temperature is to set your home thermostat for 20 °C. Otherwise, you might have to tweak the temperature yourself, using a water heater if the temperature is too low.
  • Give your plant the right amount of nutrients: Water alone will not have all the nutrients that your hydroponic weed needs. Therefore, you will have to buy a hydroponic nutrient solution containing all the substances your plant will need. The product will come with instructions for diluting the solution and explaining how often nutrients need to be added to the hydroponic system.  
  • Beware of contamination: Pathogens and diseases can seriously hurt or even kill your plant, so clean the equipment before getting started and then clean the whole system every two weeks.

Choose the Best Cannabis Strain for Your Hydroponic Weed Project

There are over 700 different cannabis strains, so it can be overwhelming to try to decide which strain to grow. Smaller strains are better suited for indoor hydroponic systems since they will allow you to grow more plants in a smaller space, which in turn will provide you with greater yield. 

White Widow

A perfect cannabis strain to grow hydroponically is White Widow. It will only reach a height of 60-100 cm when grown indoors, so it is the perfect size for a hydroponic living room project. This strain will yield about 450-500g/m² after a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. 

This hybrid strain is 50% indica and 50% sativa and has a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) level of 19%. It provides a balanced yet powerful high, simultaneously stimulating the mind and relaxing the body.

Get Started Growing Your Hydroponic Weed Today

After reading this DIY guide to growing hydroponic weed, you should feel prepared to embark on this new cannabis adventure. If this will be your first time growing cannabis, also read this article on how to harvest your precious weed. 

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